VENTIMIGLIA (IM) 18/03/2018
San Agostino Church
Pizza and Sweets shared during an ecumenical and brotherly dinner. Offering around 90 meals to Catholics, orthodox Christians and Muslims, as well as poor Italians from the local Caritas.
TG Imperia
Interview with Diocesan Bishop in Ventimiglia and Sanremo, Antonio Suetta; Abu Bakr Moretta, on behalf of Coreis Liguria; and Diocesan Director of Caritas, Maurizio Marmo.
In Attendance :
S. Ecc. Mons. Antonio Suetta, Diocesan Bishop of Ventimiglia and Sanremo
Maurizio Marmo, Diocesan Director of Caritas
Don Alessandro Bertone, Vice Vicar of the Saint Agostino Ventimiglia Church
Cesare Fermi, Manager Migration Unit - Intersos
Daniela Zitarosa, Legal Expert Intersos for the project "Child Protection Officer" in Ventimiglia
Elisabetta Zanoni, Legal Expert, Italian Red Cross
Taki Hassan, President, Islamic Cultural Center "Fratellanza di Ventimiglia"
Entities involved:
Ventimiglia Sanremo Diocese, City of Ventimiglia, Caritas Intemelia, Saint Agostino church, Intersos, Red Cross, Coop Liguria