Palermo (Pa) 20/03/2018
Sciacca Institute
Our local representative Abd Al Hady Disposto was invited to speak at the "intercultural roundtable" organized by ISS Don Michele Arena. Now in its sixth edition, this session was organized for the occasion of Saint Joseph's Day. The event proceeded a conference on symbolic meaning and intercultural foodways with a subsequent sharing of dishes and desserts prepared by the parents of students.
Intercultural potluck, Don Michele Arena
Schools on the front line, breaking bread on the occasion of St. Joseph's Saint Day. A table in honor of the Saint was set up at the institute, Don Michele Arena. In attendance was Imam Yusuf Al Hadi Dispoto, head of COREIS, Sicily. On behalf of an intercultural exchange, Father Alberto from the church of Sacred Heart gave the blessing.
Involved organizations :
ISS Don Michele Arena
Sacred Heart Church