ROME(rm) 22/05/2018
Ichnusa meeting Mare Nostrum
Circolo Ufficiali della Marina
Values: recuperate the unifying role of Mediterranean mysticism, which brought birth, growth, and circulation to the religions of the book
In attendance:
Boffo Mario
Dottori Germano
Palumbo Mariano - Moderator
Pallavicini Yahya
Tramballi Ugo
The mediterranean environment has always responded admirably to questions of the sacred and supernatural; the essence of being human to draw up the necessary courage to confront adversity and to fight a sense of helplessness in the supernatural: death and incurable disease seem pervasive and as if they are born from an external will and in no way controllable. The religions of the book have responded to this need by also providing a way to live. Today, the many processes of globalization, beginning in the 20th century, have left the mediterranean at a disadvantage and not ready to benefit in the same way as other regions, having rather increased the discomfort of the former, many regions are undergoing this standardization processes according to the parameters of a completely globalized economy, marked by a new distribution and regulation system of work, full of multinational and transnational societies that come from countries that are economically stronger.
In the 21st century, different levels of impulses toward globalization and divergences were brought about by the insight of information technologies and new systems of mass and individual communication. Indeed, within the regions that passively undergo homologation processes, religions have often assumed and played a role in defending the pre-globalization traditions and contexts. In some cases, however, the excesses in this role have conflated religion as a function or instrument motivated by ideology and politics.