Milan (mi) 18/03/2018
San Cipriano Church
Interreligious Meeting on the theme of alliance
To celebrate the paintings by Mario Bracigliano housed in the "alliance" chapel of the church of San Cipriano, the church hosted testimonies of faith on the theme of "alliance" in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions.
Thanks to Don Luciano Giuseppe Sala, Vicar of San Cipriano, Don Giorgio Diego Brianza ex vicar of San Cipriano, Mons. Carlo Faccendini, Abbot of Sant'Ambrogio and Vicar of Zone 1, Don Walter Cazzaniga, Vicar and Dean Deanery Navigli, Arch. Carlo Capponi manager of cultural affairs in the archdiocese of Milan, and Arnoldo Mosca Mondadori Advisory Board Fondazione Cariplo.
Professor Claudia Milani and Mons. Franco Buzzi from the venerable Ambrosiana library
Muhyiddin Bottiglioni CO.RE.IS Italiana