Torino 22/06/2017
Sede Migrantes
110 people including refugees
Sergio Durando Migrantes Director of Turin
Monica Cerutti Regional Councilor for Equal Opportunities,
Civil Rights, Immigration
Laura Cassio Vice-Prefect and Chairman of the Territorial
Commission for the Recognition of International Protection
in Turin

Abd al-Ghani El Rhalmi Mosque Muhammad VI
Don Claudio Curcetti Metropolitan Curia Office for the
Pastoral Care of Migrants in Turin
A representative of the Valdese Community

* For the City of Turin, they forwarded their greetings and their support
to the initiative by Mayor Chiara Appendino and the Councilor for
Integration Marco Giusta.

In addition to the contribution of COREIS ITALIANA, prayer mats,
sweets and fruit were offered:
Moschea della Pace
Cooperativa sociale Mary Poppins - Ivrea
Sermig Arsenale della Pace
Panetteria & Pasticceria Ezzahra