The title and number 114 Pizza and Sweets means to refer to the 114 chapters of the Sacred Koran, which, for 14 centuries, during the month of Ramadan, is recited and remembered as inspiration and benediction for the Islamic community. Every chapter brings together a number of verses, which according to some teachers, corresponds to various signs of God.

Welcome to the second edition of our 114 Pizza and Sweets program! For the past few years, COREIS (Comunità Religiosa Islamica) ITALIANA has developed programs to assist and support immigrants. COREIS not only helps teach the Italian language, a key to gaining citizenship, study and work in Italy, but also guides immigrants in the spiritual and cultural heritage of Islam through interreligious and intercultural dialogue
INTERVIEWS June 24, 2017
World Refugee Day
How to make integration work
"During Ramadan, we introduced a fast breaking with refugees and Christians." – Imam Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini, stresses the need to work together to find a new fraternity to fight egoism. An open heart, honesty, and hope are the key elements to create harmony and make this work